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CAD Design/

We offer a comprehensive range of services that bridge the gap between imagination and development/execution. Our expertise extends to CAD Design, Development & Prototyping - allowing us to turn your idea or concepts into reality. 

 Whether you possess a 3D scan, a physical prototype, or simply the spark of an idea, we are equipped to translate your vision into a tangible prototype or product.

Starting from a simple paper sketch?

We meticulously convert your concept into a detailed digital blueprint, preserving every nuance.

Already armed with detailed plans? Our experts further refine and optimize your designs for seamless integration into the digital realm.

Because we also specialize in 3D printing, we can then 3D print your finalized 3D File (STL File) and provide you with the final physical product or prototype.

 Whether you're an entrepreneur, inventor, or industry professional, our CAD/Development/Print services empower you to materialize your ideas with accuracy and quality - all under one roof.

CAD Design Baltimore
CAD Development 3D Baltimore
3D Prototyping Baltimore

Examples of Past Jobs

  • Creating & and designing a custom device that starts ignition
    for a fleet of vehicles

  • Designing
    prototypes of inventions

  • 5ft 3D Printed Model Bridge for Govt Agency

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