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3D Printing Services



We provide specialized 3D printing solutions designed to meet small to medium-scale needs. Our services are tailored to handle individual orders, small to medium-batch productions, and prototype creation. Whether you need a single prototype or a short production run, we have you covered.

Our project-specific pricing ensures a fair and transparent approach, customized to meet the unique requirements of each job.

We offer 3D printing in both FDM (Fused Deposition Modeling) and SLA (Stereolithography) resin.

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Our 3D Printing Capabilities

custom 3D printing baltimore maryland

FDM and
SLA (Resin)

3D printed prototypes

Functional & Non Functional 

resin 3d printing service

100's of Material Options

Client Work

Check out some of the items we have 3D Printed for our
clients & partners in the past!

(Please note many projects are not able to be posted due to confidentiality and/or NDA agreements.The amount of work we can show is very limited)

  • What is 3D printer training, and why do I need it?
    3D printer training is essential for learning how to operate and maintain 3D printers effectively. It helps you harness the full potential of this technology and avoid common pitfalls
  • Who can benefit from 3D printer training?
    3D printer training is valuable for beginners, enthusiasts, hobbyists, educators, professionals, and businesses looking to incorporate 3D printing into their operations.
  • What topics are covered in your 3D printer training courses?
    Our training courses cover a range of topics, including printer setup, calibration, 3D modeling software, troubleshooting, and safety protocols. We customize your training to your knowledge and skill level.
  • How long are the training sessions, and what is the typical duration of a course?
    Training session lengths and course durations vary depending on the specific course. We offer options to accommodate different schedules and learning preferences.
  • Is prior experience with 3D printing required for your training courses?
    No prior experience is necessary. We offer courses suitable for beginners and those with varying levels of expertise.
  • Are there any age restrictions for participants in your training courses?
    We offer classes for children as young as 10 years old!
  • Is technical support available if I encounter issues with my 3D printer after completing the training?
    Yes, we offer technical support services to assist you with any post-training questions or issues you may encounter.
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