Bauen Innovations

Seeing the rise in functionality and usability of  3D Printers and having a passion for technologies and services that can help change humans' everyday lives; ​ Bauen Innovations was founded in 2018 with the goal of bringing 3D Printing to consumers and small businesses through 3D Printer Training, Rental, Sales & Production.

To make 3D Printers more widely available to the general public, so they canexperience for themselves the 

Our Mission

3D Printer Rental:

To make 3D Printers more widely available to the general public, so everyone can experience for themselves the endless possibilities can provide to the average, everyday life.

3D Printer Training:

To make help those getting into 3D Printing and those wanting to learn more about the technology get a general understanding of the technology; As well as to offer more advanced users an business the opportunity to train teams or to lean advanced knowledge for themselves

3D Production:

To offer a durable, flexible and innovative production solution to small businesses, non-profits, and innovators. By offering the ability to print 3D Files or 'CAD' files, the ability to produce models and test products can be done in days instead of weeks, helping to drive innovation and creativity at a faster pace.

Start your 3D Project & then get some work done

PIVOT Work Spaces Offers Co-Working space in Howard & Baltimore County.

Our exclusive partnership has placed 3D Printers in all of their co-working space locations.

For one flat rate, you can work all day and print as long as you want.



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