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Bauen Innovations | USA


Bauen Innovations offers 3D printing solutions in the Baltimore, MD and Washington DC areas - as well as nationwide 3D Printer Repair.

We provide a variety of 3D printing services including  3D Printer Rental, 3D Printer Training, 3D Printer Repair,  Contracted Printing Production & More!


3D Printer Service


3D Printer Training
3D Printer Rental

Bauen offers 3D printing classes & training in the Baltimore area for both individuals and small businesses/corporations. Whether you are looking for one-on-one training, or a group course to provide to your staff or students -Bauen Innovations offers a variety of class options to fit your needs.

Want to see what 3D Printing is all about or have a file you want to print yourself? We offer 3D printer rental in the Baltimore & surronding areas on a daily & weekly basis. We even drop off & pick up the printer from your home*! 
(*optional at addl cost)

Our skilled team of Baltimore 3D printer technicians can perform a variety of maintenance, preventive maintenance, diagnostic, and upgrade services.

We work on a variety of types and brands
of printers and offer both on-site, drop off & ship-in service.


"They did a great job replacing the stepper motors on my Ender cr-30!"

Tye W.

"I was frustrated with trying to assemble my new 3d printer. I called Bauen and they got back to me right away, setup a time for me to drop off the printer, and had the job done within 2 days!"

Nicole Y.

"I was nervous about sending my printer out for repair - but these guys did a great job making sure my printer made it through transport safe"

Calvin S.

3D Printing Baltimore

We want to see a 3D Printer in 85% of the homes in America by the year 2035. 

Our goal is to provide the tools, services, and resources necessary for this growth to occur!


PIVOT Work Spaces Offers

Co-Working space in Howard & Baltimore County, Maryland.

Our exclusive partnership has placed 3D Printers in all of their Baltimore County & Howard County co-working space locations.

For one flat rate, you can work all day and print as long as you want.

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3D Printing Baltimore
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