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Printing Services Online | Maryland DC

Printing Services 

Bauen Innovations provides small to medium-scale printing capabilities with a focus on printing custom-designed 3D CAD files for a variety of industries and hobbies.


Our printing services are based on an hourly printing rate for small orders or a bulk rate for larger orders. The amount of time an item will take to print is determined based on the specs the client requests - dimensions, layer thickness, and infill - which will be determined when we feed the file into our slicing software. We can accommodate standard FDM (PLA, PETG, etc.) and resin for ultra-high-detail prints.

For more information or pricing on our 3D Printing Services, you can send us an email here or call 410-294-1947

Client Work 

Check out some of the items we have 3D Printed for our clients & partners in the past!

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